Whilst the SMEAZ SACCOS is primarily a vehicle for members of the SME Association of Zimbabwe, we also recognise that there may be other non-members who would be looking for a way in which to save money, and earn interest on those savings. We therefore allow non-members to participate on a limited basis in the products that we offer.


Our savings products are designed to suit the pockets of small savers and investors, but also be able to cater for larger and longer term savings investment needs. They also cater to life situations such as medical emergencies and funeral costs. They also include the familiar "mukando".


Note that non-members are not able to participate in business products or to get loans directly from the SACCOS.

Requirements to join


There are no joining fees or shares purchases for one to join as a non-member. You can open an account by simply signing up for any of the savings products. You can also speak to our Member Consultants who will assist you with further information.

Sign Up

Non-members are not required to pay a joining fee, nor to purchase shares or have regular fixed savings. They also do not need to be paid-up members of the SME Association of Zimbabwe.

However you are expected to maintain a minimum account balance of US$20.

You can get hold of us on Whatsapp for further details.


The SMEAZ SACCOS is a regulated body registered under the Ministry of Women Affairs, Community & SME Development. Its funds and operations are controlled and overseen by strong independent committees drawn from its membership. Our products are safe, and tailored to meet your requirements as an SME.

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If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact us.

+263 8677 240480

6th Floor Batanai Gardens,
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Harare, Zimbabwe