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Beravement is always untimely, and often at an inopportune moment. At such times it is often necessary to finance costs which may not be covered by funeral policies, and which you may not be able to meet immediately. This is where the Funeral Fund comes in.


The Funeral Fund is a savings account into which deposits are made, and you are then able to get money in the event of a funeral occurring. The fund can be run individually, as an organisation, or as a group scheme.


The funeral fund pays out only to the extent to which you have put in funds, and to the extent to which you may be eligible for a loan. The funds deposited into the account remain yours and can be withdrawn subject to appropriate notice being given, in the case of an individual account.


Members can also opt to create a Staff Funeral Fund which will cater for their staff and their immediate family members. It will be up to the member's organisation to determine who qualifies for the benefit.

Group Funeral Funds can also be set up where several members come together to form a Funeral Fund with defined benefits for members. A group structure has the benefit of enabling participants to pool funds faster, and also offer higher payouts. Note that rules and benefits, as well as payment obligations for a particular group will need to be set up and agreed amongst the group's members. The SMEAZ SACCOS will merely facilitate, register and then administer the fund.




Members and non-members are eligible to participate in this product. Note that for non-members, the loan aspect does not apply, and payouts will only be to the limit of the shares and savings held by the non-member or their group.


Burial societies and other organisations wishing to utilise the SMEAZ SACCOS' administration facility can also join and participate as non-members.


Please note that this is not a funeral policy, neither can it replace a funeral policy.



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The SMEAZ SACCOS is a regulated body registered under the Ministry of Women Affairs, Community & SME Development. Its funds and operations are controlled and overseen by strong independent committees drawn from its membership. Our products are safe, and tailored to meet your requirements as an SME.

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